For You


I drew these out, because I didn't want to say it.

Because I was afraid. I was embarrassed.
When I was young, I was bold. I was carefree.
And then I grew.
And I became anxious. I became aware.
Of myself.
Of my voice. My appearance. My emotions.
Too aware.
Fear began to talk to me loudly. 
I began to overthink. To question myself. Unnecessarily.
Shame began, too.
I became sorry. To exist.
I fought between knowing I could be brave and the "I'm weak"s.
I listened.

Until I realized they were lies.

When afraid, I'd start to love more.
When ashamed, I'd stand taller.
And with every heavy thought,
I'd put them on paper.
And share them.

I realized this is what this series has done for me.
I realized these illustrations were my responses.
To Fear. To Shame.
I realized turning around was courageous in itself.
Facing them.
I realized that lies are easy, but the truth frees.
The truth frees. It freed me. And always will.

So, this is for you.
This is for you, 14-year-old Melody.
This is for the times you wanted to speak up, but Fear told you not to.
For the times Shame told you you're not worth it.
This is for you when your heart is heavy.
This is for you when you are feeling alone.
And when you are feeling happy.
Or quirky.
This is for you when you feel lost.
This is for you, you who broke my heart.
This is for you, you who inspired my mind.

is for you.