Write With Me: Sit With Your Emotions

Write With Me: Sit With Your Emotions

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WRITE WITH ME: Sit With Your Emotions
is a live workshop hosted on Zoom focused on organizing your FEELINGS, creating a safe place in your mind to EXPLORE your thoughts, and putting them ON PAPER

If you write, journal, want to write more, create with words, or feel stuck creatively, this is for you.

LECTURE (1hr30) - TBD
This session is in the style of a lecture with a Q&A in the last 15 minutes via chat

ONE-ON-ONE (1hr)
• available as one session or a package of 4
• date + time will be sorted out by e-mail (note; my time zone is PST)

If you are unable to join a live workshop, the original workshop recording is available for purchase 

If you don't receive a Zoom link or booking e-mail, please reach out to info@melody-hansen.com!